The birds and bees - and so much more...

A butterfly in Bo'mains meadow, Bo'ness
A butterfly in Bo'mains meadow, Bo'ness

The wonders of the natural world are about to be unveiled at a number of unique habitats across the district.

Nature-Fest 2015 is a Falkirk area wide wildlife festival which commences on April 17 and continues until June 7 at venues as diverse as Kinneil Estate and the Union Canal.

As well as focussing on a host of furry, friendly mammals like badgers and plenty of chances to inter-act with our legions of feathered friends, participants will also be able to get down and dirty and learn more about the bio-diversity of the district right down to the bugs in the earth beneath our feet.

There will be chances to improve the environment through litter picks and tree planting right through to tours of important wildlife corridors such as the Carron Dams and the length of the River Avon via the Avon Heritage path.

The festival kicked off with a badger watch on Friday, April 17, at Muiravonside Country Park and there will be a second chance to meet the badgers there tonight (Friday) - prior booking essential via 01324 506850.

There will be a folk music night in the Corbie Inn, Bo’nes to celebrate the John Muir Way on Sunday (April 26), a bat watch at Kinneil Estate on May 15, a River Avon heritage walk on May 20 and a screening of the film ‘‘The Lorax’’ at the Hippodrome Cinema, Bo’ness (May 30).

For details of these and other events across the district visit the website There is a Facebook page: NatureFest