The healing power of art

Leo du Feu, Blackness Castle, passing boat
Leo du Feu, Blackness Castle, passing boat

Linlithgow artist Leo du Feu is showing some of his Scottish landscapes in the exhibition ‘The Healing Power of Art’ in the Atticsalt Gallery, 50 Thistle Street,North East Lane, Edinburgh.

Leo runs art workshops with Art in Healthcare in various hospitals in the Lothian region and has been involved for a number of years.

Working closely with St Crispin’s School in Edinburgh, he knows individuals well and recently one of his students won second prize in the National Galleries Tesco Bank art competiton. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art, Leo is about to embark on a round of 24 workshops with St. Crispin’s where he’ll share his passion for nature and birds.

Art in Healthcare accepts works from Scottish artists with proceeds from the sale of paintings going towards funding workshops. Further details can be found at and more of Leo’s artwork can be seen at

The exhibition at the Atticsalt Gallery runs until Sunday, August 31.