The Third Degree

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In the spotlight this week is Maria Ford, chairwoman of the Friends of Kinneil, Bo’ness.

1 Which season do you like best?

Autumn is my favourite season. The trees in Kinneil Woods and on Provost Road are an array of colours in autumn.

2 What is your all-time favourite film and why?

Miracle on 34th Street, the 1947 version. As a child I loved Edmund Gwenn (Kris Kringle) as an actor. I also loved him when he was in the Lassie film. Love B&W films.

3 I’m at my happiest when...

I spend quality time with my family and fundraising for the charity.

4 School days: Swot or rebel?

I hated school as a child but when I went to Dean College, Edinburgh, at the age of 14 I loved it and received my qualifications there. I was never a rebel or a swot, I asked a lot of questions because I wanted to learn.

5 If you could live in any famous person’s shoes for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

The last Euro Lottery winner because I could write a few cheques and do lots of good things for the people of Bo’ness and reinstate Kinneil House.

6 What currently tops your ‘bucket list’?

Visiting my extended family in Italy.

7 My most embarrassing moment was . . .

Oh! I can’t tell you that, but my last one was in Budapest a few weeks ago. It was minus 10 degrees and we were in a pub (to get warm of course) when it was time to leave I put on my scarf, hat and coat. I could not find my gloves. Then I remembered I had put them in my hat when I took them off the gloves were in my hat which was then on my head.

8 Who would get your last Rolo and why?

Mrs Bogle, I think it is every girl’s dream to be the Bo’ness Fair Queen and every woman’s dream to crown the Bo’ness Queen.

9 What was the last thing you treated yourself to?

A solid silver photo frame for a beautiful photograph of my lovely late dad.

10 It’s not widely known, but I . . .

Accompanied Unison Kinneil Band all over the country as a child because my dad played in the band.