Their Say

An item of news last week alleged that the portions in school meals were being cut and this was having an adverse effect on the children – particularly those from poor families who depend on school meals. Malnutrition affects millions in the Third World, affecting their learning ability and imprisoning them in a cycle of poverty. Protein and iron deficiency stunt a child’s growth and delay development, at the same time increasing vulnerability to infection.

A popular way to identify with this situation is to “Live below the line” for five consecutive days, ie spend only £1 per day on one’s food,

Invite friends to join you, or sponsor you, so that you don’t feel alone in your effort and ensure more people are made aware of the effects of malnutrition. This year’s challenge runs from May 7-11.

My wife and I undertook the challenge last year and found it a salutary experience. We would be glad to share “survival tips” with anyone willing to have a go this year.

Funds raised would go to Results UK for it to campaign for education for the millions in the Third World who are disabled by the deficiencies mentioned above. Telephone 01506 842646 for more information.

WILLIAM ROSS, Friars Brae, Linlithgow