Their Say

100 YEARS on from the death of its founder, William Booth, The Salvation Army has launched its latest annual appeal, The Big Collection, to help to support more people in need.

In the current economic circumstances The Salvation Army is seeing a large increase in people needing the basic necessities of life.

A century ago, The Salvation Army found the main issues facing people were the lack of ability to buy food and clothing; the fear of losing their homes; the lack of jobs and employment opportunities and the health and social dangers of a heavy drinking culture.

A Salvation Army YouGov survey revealed the same worries and fears are there for many today.

Between September 16 and 29 local volunteers will be doing door-to-door collections in Bo’ness and Linlithgow. All donations will directly support the 
Salvation Army’s social work to help 
people in the community.


Bo’ness Salvation Army