Their say

The Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke campaign is fighting the barriers that stop stroke survivors achieving their best possible quality of life after a stroke.

Our new report, Short-changed by Stroke, highlights the financial impact that stroke is having on people of working age; how their expenses increase and their income drops, sometimes enormously, and the pressures their loved ones face.

Many have no alternative but to turn to the benefits system only to find it lets them down when they need it most.

Stroke is the leading cause of severe adult disability in the UK. Stroke survivors tell us that the impact of stroke is not understood by many working within the benefits system.

Work capability assessments often fail to properly assess the physical and emotional impact of stroke which can affect a stroke survivors’ ability to work.

We want a fairer welfare benefits system that respects the dignity and rights of stroke survivors. I hope everyone signs up to show their support at


Director Scotland, The Stroke Association