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NEW research reveals Brits don’t understand symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning or the ‘silent killer’.

A funny taste in your mouth, diarrhoea and difficulty sleeping are just some of the symptoms that people wrongly associate with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Low-level CO poisoning can occur when small amounts of CO gradually escape from faulty gas appliances, such as boilers, gas cookers or gas fires, into the air. Despite the dangers posed by CO poisoning, Gas Safe Register has found that 43 per cent of people do not get their appliances checked regularly.

They advise an annual gas safety check as a priority for every homeowner with CO monitors available in most stores also a must. For more information on gas safety issues and carbon monoxide poisoning go online at www.gassaferegister/gassafetyweek

Paul Johnston,

chief executive, Gas Safe Register.