Their say

THE independent review into the evidence for breast screening is out and it’s good news for women. The review has shown that breast screening can save lives-around 1300 a year in the UK, that’s around 130 in Scotland.

The data suggests one in five of those diagnosed are treated for a cancer that may not have caused them harm in their lifetimes.

We look to ensure research which offers us the ability to know which cancers will spread and which will not.

It is vital women read all the information provided on the leaflet they receive – this arms them with the facts and enables them to decide to attend screening or not.

We worked with the government to get the leaflet as clear as possible whilst updating our own information to enable informed choice at all times.

Let’s not forget the review also reveals four in five women who have a cancer diagnosed through screening are treated for a cancer that will cause them harm. So please remember, screening saves lives.

AUDREY BIRT, Director for Scotland

Breakthrough Breast Cancer