Their say

In High Street newsagents and on supermarket shelves across the country, children have easy access to gun magazines that encourage and celebrate the killing of animals for ‘sport’.

These publications feature shooters posing boastfully alongside slaughtered animals.

Grinning children are shown holding up or standing over shot pheasants, rabbits, foxes and pigeons.

Animal aid - along with 84 per cent of the public (according to the result of a recent NOP poll) - want a ban on the sale of gun magazines to under-18s.

The same poll revealed that 74 per cent of the public support our call to have such material moved to a top shelf position.

This would bring them in line with publications with explicit sexual content.

Readers can help us achieve this by ordering Animal Aid’s postcards, addressed to leading newsagents and the secretary of state for education. Contact animal aid for a free action pack.

Fiona pereira

Animal aid