Their say

AHEAD of the referendum on Scottish independence the pro-UK Better Together Campaign has begun launching campaign groups across Scotland.

The first of these local groups, Better Together Linlithgow, will launch next Wednesday, April 3, at 6.45pm in the education room in the Burgh Halls.

The meeting will be a chance for people to find out how they can get involved in the campaign for a strong Scotland in the UK. The launch will also be a chance for people to put questions to Better Together on the way Independence would affect them.

“Now that we know the date of the referendum Better Together is stepping up its campaign.  The response we have been getting in Linlithgow has been fantastic; so many people have expressed their support and wish to remain in the UK. 

“Our activists have talked to hundreds of residents who want more facts about what separation would mean. Our launch on Wednesday will be an opportunity for people in Linlithgow to come along and get the facts on Independence.”

Marion Judge

Local leader, Better Together Linlithgow