Thieves branded ‘scum’

Marie Curie shop Bo'ness
Marie Curie shop Bo'ness

The volunteers who staff the Bo’ness Marie Curie shop had a shock in store when they turned up for work on Tuesday morning.

They knew something wasn’t right when they found their front door had been broken open.

The cancer care fundraising shop in North Street, was targeted on Monday night.

Thieves broke through the front door, causing damage, before helping themselves to £68.50 in petty cash and donations of stock along with coffee, milk and fruit from the staff room.

Feelings are running high in the local community and social media has seen a vast number vent their anger.

The term ‘scum’ was one of the most common descriptions being used on social media forums.

Gillian Haggarty suggested readers should all show support by popping in to buy something.

Jan Maher said: “Disgusting! Unfortunately the scumbags don’t give a toss.”

Echoing that, Lyn Pagan said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“I just hope the person that did this never needs the help of a Marie Curie nurse.”

A spokewoman for the charity said: “We can confirm that our Bo’ness shop was broken into.

“A small amount of money was taken, along with some basic food items belonging to staff.”