Thieves raid Blackness Castle

140611 linlithgow marches
140611 linlithgow marches

blackness Castle was raided on Monday evening with shop stock and office equipment looted.

The castle, built in the 15th 
century by one of Scotland’s most powerful families, the Crichtons, was a garrison fortress and a state prison in its time, but is now a 
popular tourist attraction run by Historic Scotland.

A spokesperson for Historic Scotland said: “We can confirm that there was a break in at Blackness Castle visitor centre during the evening of March 4. The incident has been 
reported to the police and the castle was closed to visitors on Tuesday, while we assessed the damage to the centre and the area was secured.”

The castle was fully reopened to visitors on Wednesday, but 
anyone with information regarding the break-in should contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000 or Crimestoppers in complete anony–mity on 0800 555111.

The raid comes only weeks after former Blackness Baron Bailie Robert Fleming passed away aged 83 in Linlithgow. He held the ceremonial post of Baron Bailie for 40 years, appointed on Marches Day by Linlithgow dignitaries to secure the town’s boundaries according to ancient tradition, guarding against smugglers and looters invading the trading port, which was one of Linlithgow’s greatest sources of wealth.