Third Degree

In the spotlight this week is well known Bo’ness cafe boss Brian Currie.

1. Holiday destination?

Fuertuventura these past few years but I’ve spent many good holidays on Arran.

2. You spend all day in the kitchen, do you cook at home?

My signature dish is just a simple roast chicken dinner.

3. Still on the subject of food, if you’re eating out where are we most likely to bump into you?

Food is a mood thing for me. It could Indian, Chinese or Thai or even a really nice steak.

4. Did you have a previous career?

Attended Bathgate Technical College and served my time as a joiner but left to work with my dad in 1973.

5. If you weren’t running the cafe what’s your ideal job?

Don’t have an ideal job, work has been my life (what a bore)!

6. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

Not a great reader but I do like Ian Rankin’s Rebus books, maybe because I can relate to some of the places.

7. Or is music your passion?

Like food, my taste is varied, Nat King Cole, The Moody Blues, Paulo Nutini, even Pavarotti.

8. Has Bo’ness been regenerated yet?

Lot more potential on the foreshore, pitch and putt, caravan park etc.

9. Going back to your schooldays, classroom joker or serious student?

Schooldays were a bit tedious, so I was belted a few times.

10. Is your glass half full or half empty?

My glass might look half full to you but mine’s a large Bacardi thanks.