Third Degree

090713   Ricky Kerr.
090713 Ricky Kerr.
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Ricky Kerr

Linlithgow businessman and Rotarian

1. Business or pleasure, what comes first?

If it’s going right its pleasure. If it’s going wrong its business!

2. You like to wear a kilt, are you a true Scotsman?

At my age everything is worn under my kilt!

3. What is your favourite sport?

Formula 1. I’ve always been interested in something I couldn’t do, wouldn’t do and couldn’t afford to do.

4. And your tipple, if any?

A malt whisky if I have time to enjoy it. A blended if I just want a swally.

5. Where is your ideal holiday destination?

Holiday? What’s a holiday? Is this a new thing I didn’t know about? Nobody told me.

6. What film have you seen recently?

None. I have enough drama in my life without looking for more.

7. Are you a concert-goer? No. but I did go to see Mrs Browns Boys recently. Laughed that much I nearly bought a round!

8. How many years a member of Rotary?

My fellow members would say too many but I would say 22.

9. What is your biggest achievement within Rotary? President in the club’s 50th anniversary year but also the massive number of people and organisations we have been able to help.

10. Is there any better event than the Marches?

Yes. The next Marches.