Third Degree

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Amanda Kilburn

Business development manager Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway

1. What did you do before joining the SRPS team?

I was marketing executive at The Royal Yacht Britannia for ten years.

2. City girl or country cousin?

Love the fresh air, a trip in to the city now and then goes down a treat though.

3. How do you switch off?

Spend time with my family and have at least one day out somewhere where we can have a picnic.

4. Domestic goddess or carry out queen?

A carry out is a big treat, fish and chips from Corvi’s is a family favourite.

5. Got a guilty secret?

My excessive consumption of ice cubes is a bit strange!

6. Been on holiday yet?

A holiday park in Great Yarmouth followed by a week in the Yorkshire Dales.

7. Home bird or traveller?

Definately a home bird as I work full-time!

8. Your fantasy 24 hours?

Out of bed no earlier than 10am, disco bus to the airport and head off to Prague to see my sister.

9. Rubbed shoulders with anyone famous?

Met Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Ken Loach, Ben Wishaw, Jason Issacs and CBeebies Mr Bloom.

10. Fashion conscious or 
bargain rail shopper?

Definitely bargain rail. Must be my Yorkshire roots!