Third Degree

Singer/songwriter from Winchburgh

Performing at the Fringe on August 24.

1. What inspires you to songwriter?

People I care about and things that worry me.

2. What do you like 
most about the Fringe 

The buzz! Edinburgh is thronged with people and around every corner there 
is something unexpected.

3. What’s your perfect summer’s day in three words.

Sunshine, allotment, 

4. As a gardener, what is the most interesting thing you have grown?

Courgettes - I’ve had 22 so far.

5. What would be your 
ultimate gig?

I love gigs where the audience is friendly, the piano is good, and good sound 

6. Are you a home bird or do you fly off to hotter climes?

I always like a wee blast of sunshine to keep me going, and I do enjoy travelling, but I also love being 
at home.

7. Are you a TV/film buff?

I watch a lot of crime dramas - like Criminal Minds and CSI.

8. What’s your top tune for singing in the shower?

I prefer the bath!

9. What is the greatest social injustice of our time?

Women and girls deserve the right to be in control of their bodies and their lives.

10. What do people not know about you?

I have a passion for stationery, the colour teal and 
pepperoni pizza.