Third Degree

Val Withnell of Linlithgow Amateur Musical Productions
Val Withnell of Linlithgow Amateur Musical Productions

A leading light from LAMP (Linlithgow Amateur Musical Productions)

1 You’re not a ‘’Black Bitch’’. Where’s home?

Mid Calder so I didn’t stray very far apart from a few years in Lancashire.

2 What brought you to 
Linlithgow and when?

We had relatives here and always loved the town so when we moved back from Lancaster it was the place we wanted to live in.

3 Do you long to get back there?

Not at all.

4 Why is Linlithgow so special for you?

There is so much for all ages to be involved in and our daughters and grandchildren now live here as well!

5 What’s your on-stage highlight?

Having our elder daughter join LAMP and be on the stage with us.

6 And on-stage low point?

Stripping off too early when I was one in Guys and Dolls!

7 Hopes and dreams?

Going to another Grand Prix after my visit to Belgium this summer.

8 Do you have any phobias or fears?

The usual - creepy crawlies...and the dentist!

9 Will LAMP be backing the plan to breath new life into the Victoria Hall?


10 Why?

It will be great to have another venue in the centre of the town and it will be such an asset for the community.