Third Degree

150413 Alan Scott
150413 Alan Scott

The Journal and Gazette grills its own chief reporter for this week’s column.

1 A Falkirk man, do you follow the Bairns?

Not in person but I always watch for their score (along with the Rose and the BU) on a Saturday.

2 Away from work, how do you relax?

Reading. Can’t beat Iain Rankin for his Rebus series.

3 A keen climber, how many Munros have you climbed?

Not as many as I should have but I’m working on it.

4 Any particular mountains that are still on your list?

The Skye Cullin - they’re a bit special and I must tick them of before old(er) age sets in!

5 Musical tastes?

Emmylou Harris and an obscure American singer, John Stewart. Any readers heard of him? Recently discovered The Black Keys, grungy blues rock with 70s poppy overtones.

6 Been to any concerts recently?

Emmylou Harris at Glasgow Concert Hall in May was brill. Status Quo at Falkirk Stadium to revisit the 70s.

7 What was the last book you read?

Empire of Sand by Robert Ryan.

8 What is your favourite dish?

Indian, Lamb biryani (with pakora to start of course).

9 And favourite tipple?

A nice glass of red wine.

10 Favourite holiday retreat?

West Highlands of Scotland.