Third Degree

Diane Brown
Diane Brown

Marie Munday runs Nippers Nursery in Queensferry

You are a busy woman, what do you do to relax?

I make sure I have a massage once a month. It’s the only one hour of ‘me time’ I get!

Do you have time for hobbies?

I guess my hobby is my work! I enjoy spending my free time with my children Maisie and Oliver doing fun things!

Do you cook or dine out?

I cook during the week but always dine out at the weekend. Our favourite place at the moment is Toni Macaroni.

What is your favourite tipple?

A classic gin and tonic but I am also partial to a glass of red or two!

Favourite holiday location and why?

Canmore in The Canadian Rockies, Canada. I love spending time in the mountains either in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Last book you read?

What do you expect - The “Fifty Shades Trilogy”. I am currently reading Mo Farrah’s autobiography.

Who is your favourite designer?

I love designers like Cath Kidson, Emma Bridgewater and Kelly Hoppen who are all inspirational.

The last film you went to see and why?

I took Maisie to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” its always seems to be kids films for me these days!

What is your favourite time of the year?

Christmas. I love it when all the Christmas stock arrives in our shop and the excitement or creating our Christmas displays. I love spending time with my family over the festive period in Canada. It’s the only time I really switch off and relax.