Third Degree with David Hannah

David Hannah
David Hannah

This week we question a Bo’ness bodybuilder

What attracted you to bodybuilding?

As a way to get bigger when I left my job in horseracing.

Does bodybuilding require a special diet?

It does if you want to compete. I eat mostly chicken, fish, rice, potatoes, fruit and veg and also work-out supplements such as protein powder, vitamins and after workout shakes. I’m fortunate I’m sponsored by a top supplement company.

Do you allow yourself any luxuries?

Only occasionally, I’m not really a drinker. I do have a sweet tooth though.

You are now World Champion in your category, does that leave you any ambitions there?

Definitely yes, I still love competing so every chance I’ll be back in Miami defending my title next year.

You’ve travelled a lot, your favourite destination?

I’ve been fortunate to compete in so many places around the world, my favourite would be either Los Angeles or New York.

Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

Usually a day off from the gym although I might have a client for personal training. Otherwise probably doing the weekly shop in Tesco.

Your first job involved horses. What were you doing?

I was an apprentice jockey with Tommy Craig in Dunbar.