Thumbs down for Wallace Land’s Burghmuir bid?

150413 Linlithgow palace.
150413 Linlithgow palace.

The projected Wallace Land development at Burghmuir is likely to be refused the Journal and Gazette has learned.

West Lothian Council will meet on Wednesday of next week to consider the proposal which planning officials are recommending be refused.

They contend that, with a development plan for the town - and the district - under review it would be premature at this time to give planning consent for Burghmuir.

The report states: ‘‘A grant of planning permisssion in principle for development at Burghmuir would be premature at this point in the development process.’’

The report also indicates that the Wallace Land plan which includes 200 homes at Burghmuir to the east of the current town boundary would not necessarily place a burden on the town’s primary schools but it would impact on Linlithgow Academy. The report concludes: ‘‘There is no capacity in Linlithgow Academy to accommodate the development proposed at Burghmuir’’.