Ticket error made me parking mad

020512 Andrew McAllister at the vennel car park linlithgow.
020512 Andrew McAllister at the vennel car park linlithgow.

FINDING a parking space in Linlithgow can be a challenge at the best of times but for one motorist that was only the beginning of the story.

Andrew McAllister (44), of Baillielands, Linlithgow, parked in the Vennel car park last Saturday while at the farmer’s market. But on returning, he saw a TCP attendant looming over his car, despite knowing he had 40 minutes left on his ticket.

What followed was an argument with the parking attendant who was preparing to issue Andrew with a penalty notice, for not displaying his ticket correctly. Thinking he must have left the ticket face down, Andrew took a look, but found the ticket was the right way up, and clearly visible.

But he couldn’t believe it when the attendant told him he was breaking TCP rules by having his ticket upside down on the dashboard, to someone viewing the ticket from the car bonnet. The attendant told Andrew that what he had done was illegal and deserved a parking fine. Andrew left without a fine but complained to TCP on returning home.

Elaine Montgomery, TCP’s HR manager apologised unreservedly to Andrew, adding: “The parking attendant was not correct - a Pay and Display ticket is valid when the date and expiry time are clearly visible.

‘‘The parking attendant has been permanently removed from site and is undergoing a full retraining program. We are checking all Parking Charge Notices issued by this attendant and will cancel all those issued in error.”