Top honour for undertaker

Paul Cuthell of Thos Cuthell and son with their Austin FX3 hearse
Paul Cuthell of Thos Cuthell and son with their Austin FX3 hearse

A Bo’ness undertaker has just been appointed to the highest position in his profession - president of the National Association of Funeral

Paul Cuthell, 33, of Thomas Cuthell and Son in Bo’ness, will now hold the prestigious office for one year.

Paul is only the third Scottish recipient to have held such a lofty position within the industry’s trade body, which was founded in 1905, coincidentally, the very same year that Thomas Cuthell started his Bo’ness-based business.

The National Association of Funeral Directors is the largest independent trade association for the industry in the UK and Northern Ireland with more than 3900 members.

Paul said of his appointment: “Being a funeral director is a real privilege. It is an honour to be invited into the home of a person whom you have often never met before, and be entrusted with the care of someone they love during their final journey.

“I cannot help but feel that we are also the voice of the bereaved too through the work that we do both in Scotland and at a national level on key issues affecting bereaved people such as need to improve Government support for those who cannot afford a funeral, to the legislative changes coming into force in March 2015.

“It is an honour to be asked to represent my profession and I look forward to developing our services for the bereaved during my year in office.”

Paul is a fourth generation family member in what is the longest established funeral home in the area.

Cuthell’s other claim to fame is their Austin FX3 hearse, of which there is only one other roadworthy model in use - by ITV on the Heartbeat series!

Originally bought for £575 in 1968 it was retired in in the 80’s before Paul renovated it in 2011.