Torphichen chooses its Gala Queen

150211 monica anderson 2011 torphicen gala queen elect
150211 monica anderson 2011 torphicen gala queen elect

it MAY be a long way off but the villagers of Torphichen are already preparing for the biggest day of the year.

The retinue has been chosen for Torphichen gala day on Saturday June 11 and the new Queen-elect can’t wait to take centre stage.

Monica Anderson (11) of Cathlaw Lane, Torphichen, was chosen to take the crown and she couldn’t be more delighted.

Monica, in P7 at Torphichen Primary, said: “I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to getting presents and we’ll be going to buy a dress as well.”

As tradition goes, Monica’s home will be transformed into a castle for the big day - a job that will fall to dad Tom and mum Katie.

Tom said: “Monica is really excited. It will be good. I’ll have work to do to decide what to do with the house but it’s really early days at this stage.

“Monica’s sister Tess (8) is the Fairy Queen so they will both enjoy it.”

Although there are months to go, Monica is already preparing herself for the big day.

She said: “I’m excited, happy but nervous about the speech!”

All the gala day characters were selected on Tuesday, January 25 at a special school assembly in Torphichen Primary School.

The gala day committee have still to choose the person to crown Queen-elect Monica in the summer.

Retinue: Reigning Queen, Chloe Duenas; Queen-elect, Monica Anderson; Champion, Andrew Wolfe; Standard Bearer, Simon Cunningham; Lady in Waiting, Naomi Conway; Page Boys, Logan Ireland and Archie Rusack; Fairy Queen, Tess Anderson; Flower Queen Jodie Cockburn; Crown Bearer, Mairi Ewing; Sceptre bearer, Sophie Moreland; Heralds, Joe Jamieson and Alistair Perry; Bouquet Girl, Holly Dunlop.