Torphichen family dance in aid of charity

Families got together to raise funds for a type 1 diabetes charity
Families got together to raise funds for a type 1 diabetes charity

A father has spoken of his pride at watching his daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, make a speech about the illness at a charity ceilidh.

Amalia Holman (10) was diagnosed with the condition at the age of three, but dad Dave said she doesn’t let it affect her life.

Amalia, from Torphichen, is constantly checked to ensure her insulin levels don’t go too high or too low.

Dave said: “Type 1 diabetes is there all the time for her.

“We have to give insulin to match the carbohydrates intake when she’s eating. If she’s doing exercise or if she’s not feeling well this can throw her off. It’s a constant battle.”

The family invested in a continual glucose monitor after they heard about it through contacts in America. A photo sensitive under arm digital receiver monitors her levels and the machine sets off an alarm when her health is at risk during the night, as an attack could leave long term damage.

Amalia attends St Joseph’s Primary School in Linlithgow and Dave praised the staff for their help in managing her health.

He said: “We’re very lucky actually, not everyone has that kind of support. The staff at the school have been trained to use equipment and they’re on hand to help whenever she needs it.

“They’ve been very good and very supportive.”

Three families who have all been affected by the illness got together to raise funds for JDRF, a charity which seeks to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, and held a ceilidh last weekend in Torphichen Community Centre, raising over £1400 for the cause.

Anna Thorpe(13) also has type 1 diabetes and attended the ceilidh with mum Tracy Thorpe and dad Neil Park, and Chloe Shore (10) went with mum and dad Ann and Adam Shore. The group met through various events to raise funds and awareness for the illness.

Local band Boorah provided the entertainment on the night for free and Torphichen Gala Committee has said it will donate 25 per cent of all proceeds from its Cinderella pantomime to the charity.

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