Flight path saga rumbles on

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The saga over Edinburgh Airport’s flight paths plan looks set to rumble on, according to Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine.

The MP met with representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to discuss concerns over the airport’s proposals just six weeks into a 16-week process due to ‘technical aspects’ of their application for change.

Edinburgh West Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine

Edinburgh West Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine

Ms Jardine said: “My understanding is that Edinburgh Airport is pursuing a proposal which doesn’t conform to normal practice, particularly in attempting to avoid Cramond on take-off.

“The CAA simply seem to be saying ‘we need more information’. I’ve been assured by them that there will be no discussion of the consultation process, or final decision on the routes, until they have all the information they need.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “Scotland’s first airspace change programme in over 40 years is a complex exercise involving many organisations. Our ACP is the first of many and it is clear that all of this needs to be co-ordinated with NATS. “We’re clear that our proposal is the best balance achievable in terms of surrounding communities and our operation, and work for Edinburgh and Scotland. We’ll be working with NATS on the co-ordination issues to allow the CAA to restart its analysis so we can develop the airport for the future.”

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport Watch, which is objecting to the proposed changes over noise issues in surrounding communities, said: “We are finding it difficult to understand how the airport can justify saying the process has been ‘paused’.

“It seems to us that the process has ended and can only be restarted once another 16-week slot has been allocated by the CAA and a properly robust and complete application has been submitted by EAL.”