Traffic chaos as tailbacks hit new bridge

Queensferry Crossing. Picture: Transport Scotland
Queensferry Crossing. Picture: Transport Scotland

The Queensferry Crossing’s first morning rush hour has been hit by major tailbacks in both directions.

A lorry break down on the bridge has created a 50-minute tailback southbound stretching from Halbeath to the Junction 2 on the A92.

Northbound, the tailback stretched back to the M9 spur, according to witnesses.

One driver said: “New bridge, same problems. Access roads could have been improved to cope with traffic volumes.”

A Transport Scotland spokesman said the new bridge’s design had helped, because the lorry had been moved to a hard shoulder.

“If it was the Forth Road Bridge you’d be down to one lane and it would cause severe disruption,” he said.

According to witnesses, however, the lorry was only partially on the hard shoulder, leaving one lane partially blocked.