VIDEO - Bus and car fight it out in Linlithgow

Dangerous driving nearly causes accident
Dangerous driving nearly causes accident

A bus driver and a car driver almost caused a head-on collision as they raced each other to traffic lights in Linlithgow.

The incident took place on High Port on Tuesday afternoon.

The drivers appear to race each other towards the lights at the railway bridge which saw the Renault Clio brake and come to a stop beyond the stop line almost causing a head-on collision.

A spokesman for First Scotland East said: “All our drivers receive a high standard of training to ensure journeys are completed both safely and smoothly.

“We are investigating this particular incident and will be reviewing CCTV from the vehicle along with our on board driver monitoring system which records how the vehicle is being driven.

“Be assured immediate action is being taken.

“We would also discourage impatient car drivers from carrying out irresponsible overtaking manoeuvres, which can put the lives at risk.”

The video was shared to “Scotland’s Worst Drivers” website who set out to shame examples of poor driving in the north of Scotland.