Trust want train station back on track

Linlithgow Civic Trust calling on Network Rail to improve the train station
Linlithgow Civic Trust calling on Network Rail to improve the train station
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Rail chiefs have been urged not to miss out on a “golden opportunity” to improve Linlithgow’s train station.

With all the electrification work on the Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line going on, 
Linlithgow Civic Trust believes it is the best chance to make necessary changes to town’s only train station.

The group outlined two major issues needing addressed and has been pursuing Network Rail with its ideas.

Chris Long, Trust chairman, highlighted the condition of the rail underpass as one area that needs improving.

He said: “This underpass provides an important pedestrian link from the main entrance of Linlithgow Station to the Union Canal and the southern parts of the town.

“The structure is maintained by Network Rail, however it is permanently wet and in a pigeon-stained condition which provides a very unpleasant and intimidating first impression of the town.”

The Trust also highlighted the station entrance towards the canal basin as needing improvement.

Chris added: “The pedestrian route is hemmed in by high stone walls on either side.

“The wall on the right will be brought forward by a series of piers supporting the station platform extension about to be constructed as part of the EGIP project.”

The Trust fears spaces between the piers will create areas for people to lurk and create an intimidating atmosphere, particularly when it is dark.