UB40 reunited? Not likely folks!

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Any Oasis fans hoping that the warring Gallagher brothers would kiss and make up should beware – the future of the country could be at stake.

Jeremy Corbyn believed that his leadership campaign had received a boost when 80s hitsters UB40 endorsed the commie sympathiser’s re-election battle.

However, despite the Midlands reggae-lite combo’s maximum THATCH kudos in being named after an 80s unemployment form, a power struggle to rival the brothers Miliband was already under way.

Ali and Robin Campbell have been operating as rival versions of UB40 following a split more acrimonious than the rift between Ed and Dave (no, not the chirpy Cockney ‘Rabbit’ duo).

So to actually register in the public consciousness might take some PR chicanery – perhaps badly eating a ham sandwich (or passing the Dutchie on the right hand side).

And as if music couldn’t imitate politics enough, Ali’s place in the Corbyn-supporting team has been taken by a third Campbell brother, Duncan. All we need now is for a new candidate for the Labour leadership to emerge – the long-forgotten, music-
loving third Miliband brother, Steve.