Upgrade makes Credit Union use easier for clients

Craig Martin
Craig Martin

Saving money is about to get easier for people thanks to the launch of a new online banking system by the credit union.

The new system will save time and money for Falkirk District Credit Union and its users.

The 2500 existing members will have access to the new features and anyone living or working in the Falkirk Council area is able to apply to join this credit union and register for online access.

Members will be able to create online memberships and have the ability to set up a standing order from their bank as part of the new system.

Councillor Craig Martin, leader of Falkirk Council, said: “Falkirk District Credit Union recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is fitting that it should now move ahead with the modernisation of the system thanks to the grant of £45k from the Fairer Falkirk Fund.

“This Credit Union offers a safe, sustainable way of saving and getting small loans at a time when one in three people find themselves in debt.”

The new system will allow members to access their money and complete transactions from their own homes and will offer ‘jam-jar’ accounts which will help members to budget.

The Credit Union needs voluntary board members and volunteers for the main office and collection points throughout the area. If you are interested in joining Falkirk and District Credit Union, volunteering, or want to know where your nearest collection point is, contact the main office on 01324 473695.

Bo’ness and Whitecross (Falkirk District) readers can take advantage of the credit union. For details contact the Grangemouth office on 01324 473695 or visit www.falkirkcreditunion.
co.uk Falkirk Council’s one stop shop in East Pier Street, Bo’ness also has details you will need to take advantage of this service on Tuesdays from 10am-noon.