Vandals’ toilet humour slammed

Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart

A wanton act of vandalism has prompted an anonymous individual to donate a £100 reward for anyone who can provide information on those responsible.

On the evening before one of Bo’ness Children’s Fair’s main fundraising events, the Fairs’ Cup, portable toilets which had been erected at Douglas Park were vandalised and tipped over.

A message which appeared on the Fair’s official website claimed that “morons had destroyed the toilets” and said that what should be a Children’s Fair event to raise funds “will now go to repair the damage caused by thoughtless vandals”.

Such was the anger and frustration a local benefactor stepped forward and offered a reward of £100 for any information on those responsible.

Social media was awash with comments from the public denouncing those responsible for such a reprehensible act.

Inspector Chris Stewart said no formal complaint had been made to Police Scotland.

Jim Stewart, Bo’ness Children’s Fair executive chairman, said: ‘‘This was a disgraceful act of vandalism. I understand names have been passed to the police but you have to be careful for these people might be entirely innocent.

‘‘All credit though to the volunteers who had the unenviable task of cleaning up what really was a disgusting mess.’’