VIDEO - Burgh’s seal of approval for new mosaics

The ancient Burgh seals of Linlithgow are set to be recreated as mosaics at the County Buildings, where the proposed council partnership centre will be sited.

Following detailed consideration of various locations, Burgh Beautiful proposed that the new mosaics be located to the left and right of the front steps at the County Buildings.

Chris Long of  Burgh Beautiful beside mosaic mock up

Chris Long of Burgh Beautiful beside mosaic mock up

The design is based on the ancient two-sided town seal, illustrating St Michael slaying the serpent and the Black Bitch.

The project started out as a single mosaic proposal but then developed into the current plan for two seperate and quite distinct designs, as it was felt that a single mosaic would lack impact.

A Burgh Beautiful spokesman said: “We are delighted to be involved with this unique project.

“Great consideration has been given to the quality of the design including the Latin inscriptions carved in the edges.

“We believe that these mosaics will only enhance the town and will be enjoyed and appreciated by townspeople as well as by visitors.”

It is hoped that work on the new town mosaics will begin in early 2015.