VIDEO - First Minister Alex Salmond visits Bo’ness

The First Minister was on a whistle-stop tour of the various Yes campaigns yesterday, (Tuesday, September 2) and while on route back to Edinburgh from St Andrews dropped in at Bo’ness.

Speaking to the assembled campaigners, Mr Salmond said: “It’s great to be back in Bo’ness; I know that more people here than ever before - and across Scotland - are waking up to the incredible opportunities that a Yes vote and independence will bring.

First Minister Alex Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond

“Only independence will allow the Scottish Parliament to protect the NHS, to have an economic policy focussed on creating jobs in Scotland, and jobs that pay a fair wage by improving the minimum wage. Using Scotland’s wealth we can ensure our older people have a fair deal on pensions and that young families have access to transformational childcare enabling more parents to return to work.

“We’ve protected NHS funding, but in the long-term Scotland needs the full responsibility for the funding of Scotland’s NHS and that will only come with a Yes vote in September.

“In an independent Scotland the SNP will set up a commission to consider improvements to the Scottish Minimum Wage – which would at least rise in line with inflation.

“An in an independent Scotland pensions will be fully protected, paid in full and on time. New pensioners here in Bo’ness and in Linlithgow and Queensferry can expect to receive £160 per week on the single tier pension from 2016. This is higher than the expected UK rate and will see pensioners here and across Scotland benefit by around £5 a week – or £260 a year.

“With a Yes vote we will be able to take real action to help parents back to work by transforming childcare.

“Only a Yes vote and independence will give Scotland the opportunity we need to create more jobs and deliver these policies that will help build a fairer and more prosperous country.”

Mr Salmond spent some 45 minutes or so in the town before returning to his residence in Edinburgh.