VIDEO - Linlithgow’s golf pro, Stephen Gallacher admits to being a bit of a rogue at school!

The Ryder Cup hopeful has been named the 2014 European Tour Golfer of the Month for January, following upon his recent win at the Dubai Desert Classic Championships.

Yet, despite this, he has taken the time to sit and chat with students at Linlithgow Academy in a Q&A session on his life as a pro golfer.

Stephen Gallacher

Stephen Gallacher

The unnassuming and down-to-earth family man admitted to the 30-plus strong gathering of both students and teachers, that he fell into the rogues rather than academic section of his alma mater, Bathgate Academy. Regularly being pulled up for daydreaming and looking out the window, Gallacher also credits his former school with launching his career to where it is today, now playing the challenges of World Championship courses - something that those earlier dreams could only have hoped for!

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