Video. Recruiting now: Journal and Gazette Jam Jar Army needs you

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We’ve all had a few jangling pennies to spare, coppers left in the trouser pocket that are never ever spent.

This week the Journal and Gazette is unveiling its new campaign, the Jam Jar Army, which hopes to rally that spare change and put it to good use.

Jam Jar Army appeal in Bo'ness, Linlithgow and Queensferry

Jam Jar Army appeal in Bo'ness, Linlithgow and Queensferry

We’re asking readers to collect an old jam jar and use it for coins over the coming months - the more jars the better.

And every little bit adds up, and will go to causes close to our readers’ hearts.

The money will be split between the Bo’ness Fair Day, Linlithgow Marches, Linlithgow Gala Day and the Ferry Fair.

Editor Jackie Mitchell said: ‘‘This is such a simple idea, but one we hope will really take off.

‘‘Anyone can take part - it’s open to individuals, offices, shops, schools, youth groups and anyone else who wants to join our army.’’

And every penny raised will be donated to the good causes which help make our communities such vibrant places, by putting on the historic events each year in Bo’ness, Linlithgow and South Queensferry.

Join our Army - your town needs YOU!