Video update: Flood damage costs thousands in Linlithgow

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A 15 minute deluge of rain during Friday’s thunderstorm caused chaos in Linlithgow.

It was the second flash flood to hit the town in days.

Stock picture

Stock picture

On the High Street the Football and Cricketers pub was under inches of water, while the Cancer Research shop next door saw its sandbags overwhelmed and water pouring into the shop. The damage will run to thousands of pounds.

Desperate staff used old stock to try to try to block the flow, but the shop was badly damaged. Manager Wendy Shaw said: ‘‘Frustratingly even though we phoned the council probably nothing can be done for five to six weeks.’’

This is their second flood in two days, and, she claims, has been an ongoing problem for the 13 years she has been manager.

David Paterson, manager at the pub, said: ‘‘I have lived in Linlithgow for 44 years and I have never seen anything like this.’’

A spokesperson for West Lothian Council said: “The thunderstorm which occurred this afternoon (Friday 26 July) was particularly intense. It resulted in a high volume of calls to the council’s contact centre from those whose homes and businesses were affected by flooding. Linlithgow was badly affected with a number of properties on the High Street and elsewhere reporting flooding and damage to road surfaces. The council’s standby teams and local contractors were immediately dispatched with pumps and sandbags to assist those in need and to clear the debris which accumulated.

“Storms of this nature are becoming increasingly common. The council will always do what it can to assist in these circumstances. Householders and owners of business premises are also encouraged to put measures in place to protect their own property, particularly when it is located in a susceptible area. A limited number of sandbags can be provided to help, and can be requested by businesses and householders who are worried, to keep for emergencies.”

“Anyone wishing to pre-order sandbags should call the Customer Service Centre: 01506 280000.”

For more on this story see next week’s Journal and Gazette.