Villagers come to the aid of family in need

Clothes donated by Kirkliston villagers
Clothes donated by Kirkliston villagers

Community spirit was in full flow in Kirkliston last week when villagers rallied to help a family in need.

Newbridge woman Wendy Thompson called on members of the public through social media to donate clothes, toys, foodstuffs and toiletries after fired ripped through a flat above the Fourways Fish Bar, Main Street on Friday, March 6.

The tenants, known to be Romanian, consisting of six adults and two children, were left with nothing other that what they were wearing when the fire took hold mid- morning that day.

Wendy’s call did not go 
unheard as locals rallied to 
the cause.

So much so, that the local church centre was opened for two hours to allow villagers to drop off their donations.

She said: ‘‘People’s generosity has been overwhelming. There were over 15 black bags of clothes donated as well as toys, toiletries and foodstuffs.’’

Wendy said the family were given a variety of items but as they are currently based in a hostel in Edinburgh, they cannot store clothes.

But she added that once they eventually get rehoused, they will be able to pick up more items.’’

Wendy said: ‘‘A city council housing representative 
was involved in the family being rehoused and I said to her with so much being donated, we could cater for up to another five families in need.’’

Wendy said: ‘‘This was a great community effort and I would like to thank everyone for their donations and also Helen Hogg and Sarah Gaffney and others for their help in helping to organise the pick up of clothes.

Wendy added that she has also donated food bags to the chip shop staff who are out of a job at the present time.