Walter Mitty soldier facing trial for girlfriend assault charge

A judge has declined a former soldier's request to lift bail conditions preventing him seeing his girlfriend who he is accused of seizing by the neck and assaulting.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 4:18 pm
Updated Monday, 30th May 2016, 5:37 pm

Danny Hutchison, who recently apologised for making up stories he was blown up in Afghanistan, made a third appearance at court today in connection with assaulting and injuring 45-year-old Navada Mungall at an address in Union Court, Bo’ness.

It is alleged the 43-year-old also uttered threats of violence towards her, seized her by the body and by her clothes, pushed her and pulled her and caused her to hit her head against a wall in April.

He is then said to have kicked her on the body and seized her by the neck with his hands and applied pressure so that she had trouble breathing.

In the alleged incident he is also said to have been threatening and abusive, thrown household items around and thrown some of Navada’s property into the street and set fire to it.

He is set to face trial on June 21.

At a preliminary hearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court today defence agent Billy Hendry asked the court to lift a bail condition that has kept Hutchison and Navada apart since the alleged incident on April 30.

He pointed out that Navada had written a letter to the court asking for Hutchison to be allowed back home. Procurator fiscal depute Catherine Knowles opposed the lifting of the condition, saying the Crown had not carried out their own investigations into whether it was still needed.

Sheriff Derek Livingston said the Crown had the opportunity – but “just had not done it”, and rejected the application to vary the bail condition.

He said: “The charges involve striking her head against a wall and applying pressure to her neck – quite serious charges. I’m not satisfied there’s been a change of circumstances since the bail conditions were put in place, or that there’s a justification, given the serious nature of the charges.

“I appreciate what’s been said, and what the complainer herself says about it, but I have to take into account her personal safety.”

Hutchison has previously told how he was serving in Kabul in 2008 when his vehicle was blown up by a 12-year-old suicide bomber pushing a wheelbarrow before he was exposed as a “bloater” – a person who embellishes their service history – by veterans through their Walter Mitty Hunters Club Facebook page, where he eventually apologised for making the story up.