Water charge will be trickle higher in 2014

Scottish Water’s household charges will rise by 1.6 per cent in April.

It is only the second rise since 2009.

According to Scottish Water, it signals a determination to build on customer service improvements in recent years, maintain investment in upgrades to water works and pipes and ensure services are future-proof.

Water charges in Scotland are expected to remain well below the average household charges of private water companies in England and Wales. The increase has been pegged at one per cent less than inflation.

Douglas Millican, chief executive of Scottish Water, said: “This commitment of low level increases in charges for future years gives our customers reassurance that their water bills continue to deliver real value for money while we provide customer service improvements to water and waste water services in Scotland.”

Annual council tax bills being delivered through letter boxes will include combined water supply and waste water collection charges that come into effect from April 1.

The average Scottish Water charge for households across Scotland in 2014/15 will be around £339 – less than a £1 a day.

It means, for example, customers living in a Band A property will pay £4.26 extra next year. Those in a Band D property will pay an additional £6.39 over the year.