Water stops in Torphichen...again

Water coming from tap
Water coming from tap
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WATER in Torphichen is in short supply after Scottish Water turned the taps off again this week.

The water supply was cut off on Tuesday and will be off again next Tuesday as they work on the trunk main and fix bursts in the village’s supply.

But the number of disruptions in the last year has frustrated villagers.

John McKenzie of Greenside said: “Yet again Torphichen lost its water supply on Tuesday and again on February 21, as Scottish Water are yet again going to upgrade their pumping station at Gowanbank, Westfield - this is the fifth time in a year.”

He added that residents had not been kept informed of developments, adding: “Because we are a wee community they are doing exactly what they like to us - we don’t count.”

Although villagers were lettered about work being done this week, local councillor Isabel Hutton is annoyed at the lack of communication from Scottish Water.

She said: “This has been ongoing for over a year now - there have been about four bursts and the service from Scottish Water is unacceptable. It’s beyond a joke - everybody should have access to water. Scottish Water are not giving a clear explanation of what they are doing. They need to be held accountable - the service has been very poor. I am in contact with them, but would also encourage people in Torphichen to raise their concerns with members of the Scottish Parliament.”

But Bill Elliot, Scottish Water’s regional community manager for West Lothian said they did inform residents in advance of planned disruptions, adding: “This is an important project to improve the security of supply to a large number of communities across Central Scotland. It is necessary to redistribute the water mains network in order to maintain supplies for as many customers as possible while this important work is carried out. Our engineers are working as quickly and safely as possible in order to complete this project.”

Water in Torphichen will be cut off between 5am and 8pm next Tuesday, and bottled water will be available at Torphichen Community Centre. A final interruption to the water supply is also planned for the start of April.