Water Yett playpark gets summer facelift

040613  Colin bell and tom conn at the new playpark at the water yett in linlinlithgow.
040613 Colin bell and tom conn at the new playpark at the water yett in linlinlithgow.

One of West Lothian’s most popular playparks has been given a £64,000 makeover to the delight of local children.

The fun facility at the Water Yett, next to Linlithgow Loch and the Health Centre, is one of the largest and best loved in West Lothian, and now sports a roundabout and springer, a net climber ocean seesaw, four benches, steel slide and a balance beam.

The park also has an innovative Magic Brush interactive panel, a self closing gate and a new entrance feature, for kids to enjoy.

West Lothian Council worked with Livingston-based company, The Play Practice, on the project and pupils from St Joseph’s and Linlithgow primary schools, and Linlithgow Community Council all had their say over the consultation period.

Linlithgow councillor Tom Conn said: “Play areas are important local facilities and provide a focal point for young people and families. We also know that the facilities in Linlithgow are popular with visitors who enjoy a day out at the loch and the Palace.”

Tom added that the upgraded play park looked fantastic and was the perfect addition for the summer season.

He said: “We are committed to ensuring that these facilities are maintained and improved.

“One of the main plus points for the council is the consultation process with pupils. We get to hear what our most important customers want from their play 
areas and what we can do to improve the facilities.

“It’s an important part of the process and we know the local school pupils appreciate their opinions and views are part of the overall project.

“We hope that our young citizens enjoy their new play areas and that they help us look after them.”

The new park improvement comes hot on the heels of a first class inspection 
report on West Lothian’s 

In his recent report, Inspector Mike Langsford said: “During the last five years of carrying out safety inspections, I have never come across such well maintained and cared for facilities as I have witnessed during my most recent inspection process.

“Furthermore, you have the benefit of a very capable, dedicated and knowledgeable team who demonstrate a real care for the facilities that they are in charge of.

“This was clear while speaking with people from West Lothian that have a real appreciation for the way in which the team work to keep facilities open.”