‘We are being evicted!’

Mark Thomson is not happy that he will be 'evicted' from  site if housing plan goes ahead.
Mark Thomson is not happy that he will be 'evicted' from site if housing plan goes ahead.

Proposals to build five new homes for the elderly and/or disabled in Bridgend have been criticised by tenants of the proposed site at Auldhill Cottages.

At the moment Mark Thomson has a garage on the site which he stands to lose if the scheme goes ahead..

Mark said another four local residents faced losing their allotments at the location. He was unhappy at what he claimed was a lack of consultation before the proposal was revealed to the community.

He went on to say that the land may be liable to subsidence and suggested West Lothian Council might be better employed in refurbishing the village housing stock rather than adding to it at this time.

‘‘Many Bridgend houses are beyond repair,’’ he said.

‘‘The village does not need five new homes for the disabled.’’

A spokesman for West 
Lothian Council told the Journal and Gazette: ‘‘Redevelopment of this site is part of the council’s new house building programme with 1000 new homes planned across West Lothian.

‘‘We have invested in our housing stock in Bridgend in recent years with all council houses in the village meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and further investment in the housing stock in Bridgend is included in the council’s three-year housing capital programme.’’’

He added: ‘‘We have carried out site investigations and are satisifed that the site is suitable for building. Any objections wil be considered before a final decision is made on the application.’’