Well seated for the future

John Sinclair, of Craigie's Farm near South Queensferry.
John Sinclair, of Craigie's Farm near South Queensferry.

Craigie’s Farm Deli and Café near Queensferry has recently been granted planning permission to extend its premises.

The extension will allow owner John Sinclair to redesign the layout of the cafe and create up to 10 more jobs at the business which already employs 40.

John said: “Creating jobs in the local community has always been a key driver to this diversified farm.

“Where most farms are employing fewer staff we are doing the opposite.

“One of the main challenges that Craigie’s has come up against is its popularity!

“It is really hard to keep everyone happy when you can’t give everyone a seat!”

But doubling the size of the café will add a further 100 seats. The plans also look to increase the shop by a third.

Craigie’s general manager Rowland Thomson added: “This will enable us to stock more of our own and locally produced lines in the shop.

“John and Kirsteen’s target of increasing their Scottish lines from 85 per cent to 90 per cent will be achievable with this welcome addition.”

The farm’s new entrance will create a welcoming hub for visitors to meet before deciding if they are going to pick soft fruit, meet the animals, let the children play in the play park, have something to eat or do their local grocery shop.

John added: “This is the first of the building blocks.

“However, it is a key milestone and one that will enable us to reach our goal of completing the building works in the autumn.”