West Lothian councillor’s expenses published

EXPENSES of West Lothian councillors were published this week for 2010/11 with £20,000 less claimed from the total last year.

The record of claims for 2009/10 was £710,869 and for 2010/11 this was £685,498.62.

Local councillors claimed the following on expenses: Janet Campbell - £474.03; Tom Conn - £102.24; Martin Day - £846.69; Alex Davidson - £419.60; Ellen Glass - £4,966.98 (including £3,042.96 for role as vice convenor of Police Board) and Tom Kerr - £10,141.11 (including a £679.50 civic allowance and £7702.63 costs of using the council car for Provost duties).

While levels of salary, which we have not itemised, are fixed depending on designation, the amounts of travel, subsistence, phone and other expenses claimed vary between elected members depending on their activities, including approved conferences and seminars, and duties throughout the year.

Expenses were published in accordance with the Local Government (Allowances and Expenses) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2010.