West Lothian councillors vote to fight poverty

Picture of money'Photo by Emma Mitchell'18/2/13
Picture of money'Photo by Emma Mitchell'18/2/13

People living below the poverty line are to get a boost in support from anti-poverty campaign groups who have been allocated funding to the tune of £200,000.

West Lothian Council has given the OK for funding for projects linked to the 2012-2017 anti-poverty strategy, which was adopted by the community planning partnership earlier this year.

The anti-poverty development group has put its might behind five key areas - £85,000 will support an additional 250 adults to access digital and online services; £10,000 will be used to conduct a study into the viability of social supermarkets; £10,000 will support the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to offer more money management advice and £40,000 will go to West Lothian Advice Network.

A further £55,000 has been ringfenced for any of the 15 CPP members who come up with a good idea to tackle a specific poverty issue and £55,000 will create a budget to help support partners in delivering actions contained within the strategy.

Leader of West Lothian Council John McGinty commented: “Tackling poverty issues is at its most effective when organisations work together and West Lothian has an excellent track record of partnership working to 
improve the quality of life for local people.”