West Lothian Leisure faces £2.6million budget gap

Robin Strang, chief executive of West Lothian Trust.
Robin Strang, chief executive of West Lothian Trust.

The squeeze on public finances combined with increased running costs is bringing changes to leisure services in West Lothian as the Trust which runs them faces a budget gap of £2.6m.

West Lothian Leisure (WLL), which provides leisure and cultural services in West Lothian, has agreed a three year plan to balance its budget.

The main objective is to continue to provide services for the community. As part of the plan all areas of the business have been reviewed including income, property, equipment and staffing.

The trust has already flagged up the removal of gym facilities at the Fauldhouse  Partnership and prices rising including learn to swim prices for pensioners.

Over the next three years West Lothian Leisure face a budget gap of nearly £2.6 million because of cut in funding and increasing operating costs. WLL is a Community Leisure Trust and not-for-profit charity. 

All their profits are reinvested back into the trust and the local services they provide.

A business review of each site, including opening hours and programming is being carried out and a detailed plan is being drawn up. Customers will be notified once changes are agreed.

WLL is aiming to make further savings via procurement, withdrawing gym facilities at Fauldhouse Partnership Centre, energy efficiencies and a review of pricing.

Robin Strang, chief executive of West Lothian Leisure said: “The environment which we are operating within is very challenging and, like all public services, we must make changes to the way in which we deliver local services”.

“We are committed to offering a range of excellent activities throughout West Lothian to improve people’s physical and mental health and well-being.”