West Lothian shoppers warned of unsafe food products

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West Lothian residents and small food retailers have been warned to avoid products from a Glasgow food supplier.

Environmental Health officers in Glasgow discovered food being produced in premises which don’t comply with food hygiene regulations and it is not known if any have reached West Lothian.

The products of concern are Aysha’s Bite Size Chicken Pakora; Aysha’s 5 Bite Size Chicken Samosas; Aysha’s 5 Bite Size Vegetable Samosas; Aysha’s Chicken Tikka; Ryan’s Chinese Lemon Chicken and all varieties of Rico’s Pizza’s.

If any member of the public has bought these products then the advice is not to eat them as there is a concern over their safety.

A West Lothian Council Environmental Health spokesman said: “Colleagues in Glasgow have expressed real concerns regarding the hygiene standards within the premises and, as such, have notified the Food Standards Agency to advise other local authorities to take further action.

“It is a legal requirement for all businesses to ensure the supply of food comes from reputable food businesses.

‘‘We expect businesses to have in place basic checks to ensure suppliers are legitimate and operating from premises inspected by local authority Environmental Health officers.

‘‘Businesses need to remember it is not just the supplier who will find themselves in trouble if such food is found on their premises.”