West Lothians urged to buy Fairtrade this Christmas

Shoppers are being encouraged to buy Fairtrade items this Christmas
Shoppers are being encouraged to buy Fairtrade items this Christmas

West Lothian’s Fairtrade Steering Group would like to see everyone pop at least one Fairtrade item in their shopping basket this Christmas

Whether you are buying festive foods, stocking up on stocking fillers or splashing out on Christmas presents, with more than 4,500 Fairtrade products available it should be easy to buy at least one.

From cotton clothing to flowers and festive snacks, and treats to seasonal drinks and homewear, there are plenty Fairtrade goods on offer in West Lothian which have the potential to change lives.

Leader of West Lothian Council and chair of West Lothian Fairtrade Steering Group, Councillor John McGinty, said: “West Lothian’s Fairtrade Steering Group would like to thank everyone who has supported Fairtrade this year and encourage anyone who hasn’t to choose at least one product this year when they are shopping for the festive season.

“There are more competitively priced Fairtrade and ethical products available than ever this year.

“By simply remembering to look for the logo and choosing to buy Fairtrade treats and gifts, it is possible to help to change the life of a person in another country and what better present could you give this Christmas.”

The group will be using 2016, a leap year, to encourage people to take the leap and support Fairtrade.

Linlithgow is behind the project and hopes the public will buy into the idea.

Ian Fowell, Linlithgow Fairtrade Partnership, said: “Buying a Fairtrade product ensures that the farmer or producer receives a fair price for their work.

“So often, smallholder farmers are at the mercy of commercial buyers who offer the lowest possible price, perhaps so low that the farmer makes a loss.

“Christmas is the most perfect time to start thinking about Fairtrade products.

“If you haven’t bought Fairtrade before, this year please choose to buy at least one item.”

The West Lothian Group is calling on people to ask their local retailers what they have available.

Ian said: “We also hope that people will ask cafés and restaurants what Fairtrade options they can provide.”