'˜Wet' a difference a day makes!

Dark clouds brought torrents of rain to the area less than 24 hours after Falkirk and West Lothian residents basked in the sunshine during the hottest day of the year.

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 10:18 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 11:22 am
Lisa out in the wet weather, just 24 hours after the hottest day

Falkirk Herald photographer Michael Gillen captured families having fun in the sun yesterday, but it was a different story this morning as thunder and lightning greeted people as they started work – including Lisa Fairley, who kindly braved the elements with her trusty polka dot umbrella for Michael just after 9am.

As Billy Connolly once said, if you don’t like the one particular form of weather in Scotland, just wait because another kind will probably be along in a minute.